Crude Rapeseed Oil

Crude Rapeseed Oil (CRSO); is a mild-flavored vegetable oil also known as canola oil which is good for all purpose oil. It is derived from rapeseed of rapeseed plants. Crude rapeseed oil has very low levels of saturated fat.


Main Application:

Crude Rapeseed Oil

Constituent Specifications
Density (at 15 °C)
900-930 kg/cm³
Flash Point: 220 °C
(closed up, Pensky-Martens method)
Calorific Value
35,000 kJ/kg
Kinematic Viscosity
38 mm⅔ (40 °C)
Cold Procedure
the Procedure should be positive
Ignition tendency
procedure still under development (Cetane number)
Coke Deposit
0,4 mass-% (Conradson procedure)
Iodine Value
100 - 120 g/100 g
Sulphur content
20 mg/kg
Neutralisations Number
2,0 mg KOH/g
Water content
75 mg/kg
Ash content
0,01 mass %


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