Crude Corn Oil

Crude Corn Oil,  is produced through  neutralization and bleaching process which are the first stages of production of refined vegetable oil.  Corn oil differs from other vegetable oils through its high levels of essential fatty acids (56 %), vitamin E, phytosterols and other important minor components, such as coenzymes Q9 and Q10. Essential fatty acids (linoleic acid omega-6 and alpha-linolenic acid omega-3) are essential biological elements that need to be absorbed through the daily diet, because the body itself is not able to synthesise them.


Main Application:

Crude Corn Oil

Constituent Specifications
Iodine value
Moisture / Impurities
0.5 % max
Saponification value
187 – 192
Free fatty acids (As Oleic)
< 3% max
Peroxide value
2 meq/kg max
Refractive index @ 25°C
0.4719- 1.4740
Unsaponifiable matter
1.0% max
Soluble in petroleter
max Flash point
121C min


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